Nicola, Architecture exchange student from Austria

“The studio house is one of the coolest places to live in LA! Jan is always helpful and makes things work around the house. There’ a mix of international students, both scientists and artists and also musicians, a very creative environment. The attic was very cool to live in, especially the rooftop patio and the walk in closet.”

Cathy, Computer Engineering Student from Washington DC

"This place is awesome. There are so many little touches around the house that make it really feel like a home, from the eclectic living room decor to the magnetic fridge poetry that's always changing. I especially loved the big backyard where I could read a book on the outdoor sofas, hold barbecues, or just chill around the firepit. Jan is an awesome landlord and always tries to take care of you however he can. A great place to live!"

Giacomo, USC Mechanical Engineering student from Italy

" I have been pretty lucky to find this place, the house is nice and literally 5 minutes by bike from USC. In the house there are cool common places where you can just hang out, like the living room or the garden in the backyard, and there is always a nice atmosphere. Jan is a great landlord, always willing to help you out if you have a problem. The house attracks cool people from all over the world either students or working professionals, and you'll surely meet interesting fellows here!"

Grace, Dental Student at USC

"The studio house is a welcoming spot, especially for those new to LA. When you live here, you’re getting a real home rather than just a room. Jan puts a lot of thought into choosing housemates with a similar vibe instead of just picking random tenants, which I think is more important than the house itself. Even though housemates will have different schedules, the homey feel of the house lends itself to us spending time together in common space and sharing bites when we can. The house is also guarded by a cat, Batman, who belongs to Jan. He likes head scratches and afternoon naps."

Josep, USC Psychology student from Spain
"Jan understands the needs of the student/surfer/musician/skater/filmmaker. He relates to pretty much everybody and is willing to work things out, whether something is broken or you need to sleep on a couch between moves. The house has plenty of amenities and more are projected for 2010!"

Martin, PhD student in Molecular Biology

"The studio house is an incredibly welcoming environment and feels like a home; a refreshing contrast to many of the other graduate student houses in the area. Many of the people who live in the house are students, scientists, musicians or artists, all of whom really contribute to the creative and relaxed atmosphere in the house. The yard is well-kept and the decorations in the house add quite a bit of character. Jan is also a great landlord, maintaining the house exceptionally well and taking care of any problems in the house in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend this house to anyone looking to move into the area!"

Kasey, professional recording engineer and musician from Florida

" The studio ads a great atmosphere to the place, and Jan is very welcoming to musicians and recording engineers. There's a very international vibe at the house, and he is always building something to make it better. The plants in the living room are cool. The fireplace was my idea, he didn't like at first but ended up letting me build it!"

Natalie Baeza, Recording Engineer Student at Musicians Institute
"I found this house while doing some urgent last minute searches on places to rent in LA and was extremely lucky to come across Jan’s listing for the room I’m currently in. Being in the situation I was in with needing to make the move to LA asap, Jan was very understanding and worked with me to make sure I had an easy transition. Upon seeing the house, I was immediately attracted by the chill vibe it gave off and felt at home right away. If I make the move back to LA in the future, this is definitely a place I’d love to come back to. I’ve had an awesome time living here and I’m sure future occupants will feel the same."

Brian, recording engineer, musician
"Yes! SAS is super-awesome-sleeping! Jan does his best to make it a creative hub where he will nurture you and teach you his Jedi ways...for a small fee of course :) As far as I know the house is not currently haunted and there have been no hangings/ritual suicides/hostage situations. Also if you ride a motorcycle- avoid Western, Normandie, Vermont, and anything else though Korea Town. The myth is true:( Vouch for me Rich! C8 is international!!!!!!!!!!!.....sic pic. Seriously tho. It's great. I should have never left. One Fo Five Fo fo sho! I'm ploting my escape from the valley as you read this."

Matthew, USC Mechanical Engineering student, musician
"A perfect place for good hearted chill people. The house tends to attract the right blend of artistic musical laid back vibes. Its very eclectic, from the awesome colors of the walls to the tranquil backyard to the personal touches of plastered seashells in the bathrooms. This house is perfect for twenty somethings who need a space to live and study/work. Definitely my favorite place I have lived thus far and I’m sure you will love it too."

Richard, USC PhD student in Material Science and musician from New York

"It's a rad house in a rad neighborhood. I was a big fan of the color of the living room walls. I really liked my sunny room. Met lot's of cool people there. Very close to USC. Big ass mirror in the bathroom. Jan always tries to make it work for everybody."

Salome, student at the USC School of Dramatic Arts

"This house is a true gem. The perfect oasis for the creatively inclined. I was new to Los Angeles, without a car, and about to start an MFA program at USC when I found this house. Not only was the house a short 10 minute walk to campus, but it was also where I was able to make friends with all the artists/students in the house. The house has a beautiful backyard where you can sit back and enjoy the California sunshine while barbecuing with friends and housemates. The landlord, Jan, was the coolest and always easily accessible. This place was definitely perfect for my first year in LA." 

Doug, USC Graduate in Fine Arts
"Jan's house is still one of my favorite places to be since moving to Southern California.  I graduated from USC several years ago, and moved elsewhere in Los Angeles before returning to live with friends in this house.  I lived there for over two years, and it was awesome.  A lot of good cooking and barbecues, weird projects, general debauchery, and skating through the hood.  Not only was Jan possibly the best landlord i have ever had, I feel that we're homies; he connects with each of his tenants on a personal level, and is really fair (and flexible).  Don't be afraid to say hey to the neighbors as well; the neighbor across the street, Mingo, will always start a good conversation, and knows everyone on the block.  Try to find Moises and his incredible taco stand… he surfaces almost every night under the cloak of darkness, and cooks some of the greatest tacos in the area.  Moving back to the USC area was a really enriching time for me, and a lot can be attributed to living in this particular house among good people.  I guarantee that you won't want to move out unless you have to!"

Elijah, USC Thornton School of Music undergraduate student from Los Angeles

"After transferring from SMC to USC, this house was a lucky find. It's got a very laid back atmosphere that sits well with the creatively inclined. It's the little touches that set it apart from other places in the area. The thing that still gets me is the multitude of seashells plastered on the shower wall. Jan's always there to help out with anything that needs fixing or a minor tune-up, and he's always looking to improve on the place (a surfboard shed in the back, outdoor couches, ect..) I took 8 classes last semester and had no trouble biking to USC and back all of the time, and free laundry and dryer is a big plus. "

Dennis, USC School of Cinematic Arts graduate student from New York

"This place is a real find and I think any USC student would be very lucky to pounce on it before it gets snapped up by someone else. I'm a graduate student and my first semester at USC I lived in one of those University-run graduate housing apartments. It was terrible. The very next semester I got outta there and moved in here -- and I've been here ever since. I'm only moving out now because I'm about to graduate and the location is no longer convenient for me.
Here's what's great about the room I'm vacating (available Jan 01, 2010):

- Close to USC; within walking or biking distance
- Far enough away from USC that you can actually find a parking space!
- Within Campus Cruiser range if you don't want to walk home after dark
- Tall ceilinged room -- comes with a loft bed so you can make maximum use of the space
- Tall, full-length mirror in the room
- Big, roomy bathroom with a large mirror and lots of shelf space (there are two bathrooms in the house so you never have to wait if you really gotta go)
- Two refrigerators and lots of kitchen shelf and storage space
- Broadband wireless internet
- Housecleaning service is part of the rent so you won't have to scrub any toilets
- Equipped with a dishwasher so you don't have to hand wash your dishes if you don't want to
The place isn't owned by a corporation where you're just some faceless lease agreement. Jan, the landlord here, is great. He's laid-back and he really cares about the people who live here, so if you have any problems he takes care of them right away. When I first moved in my computer workstation didn't have a wireless card so, as soon as I asked him about it, he crawled under the house to rig up an ethernet cable so I could plug directly into the router.
I can recommend the house to anyone who wants a nice place to live near USC. If you have any questions I haven't answered here, please contact Jan about my email or phone."

Bryn, cinematographer

"The house is a very welcoming and fun environment with a lot of personality and is a great fit for anyone looking for a inspiring place to live. Jan was an incredible landlord that went above and beyond to make sure his tenants were comfortable and well taken care of."

Matt, Actor, Poet, Student, Virtual Realist
 "Living in this house has been a total joy. The energy here is un-matched.  Jan really takes pride in the space and you never have to worry about anything being broken or lights going out. Just last month he installed a grey water system to lower our energy bill and make our house greener, just because he cares. Whatever goals in life you are pursuing, this house gives you a comfortable and creative space to pursue those goals. Every person I've met who has lived here has left the Studio House better off then when they came. It is a great and central place to explore everything that LA has to offer. Any young, respectful, and creative person would be lucky to live here."

Fine Arts major at SAI, co-founder and director of design of the music  label Alaya 

"Living in the studio house was an incredible experience not just because of the other creative people that it attracts, but as a space it is very unique and always emanates a very homey and chill vibe. Jan was not just a great landlord but a friend, resource and talented musician. I assure you that you won't find a more laid-back and helpful landlord in LA, I wish that I could find one that is half as cool in Chicago. The house provided me with a space to create my art, socialize with close friends as well as total strangers. People are almost always hanging out and socializing in the common area, in the backyard or on the roof patio, but I was also able to have time to myself to decompress and recharge when needed. The Studiohouse was absolutely perfect for my time in LA and allowed me to meet some incredible people, I hope to visit soon!"

Simon, Artist, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Alaya

"This living space is 10/10. Jan is an amazing, kind and talented human being. And the house is no different. It almost feels alive with the amount of personality, art, beautiful people, etc. The backyard area is wonderful to relax in, and the patio is on point. Also, I'll never forget the friendly house cat, Batman, because he's playful, and just a joy to be around."

Gene, PhD student in Urban Planning from Russia

"The house's residents can be as eclectic and interesting as the house's interior decor. It's high ceilings and bright colours also create a welcoming environment that is pleasing to come home to. While I lived there, I particularly enjoyed it when some of the residents practiced on their accousting guitar which created a splendid ambient atmosphere. Finally, Jan's efforts to keep the front and back yard green is a welcome touch in a city of unending cement."

Camelia, trilingual Civil Engineering Student from Morocco

"Living in the house was the absolute best experience I've had living outside home. Jan is the most wonderful and helpful landlord you could possibly ask for. I've gotten to live with the coolest people from all over the world, and who all have completely diverse interests. The house felt so welcoming and truly became a home away from my home. I could not possibly recommend living here enough, you will have the absolute best time ever!" 
Caldwell, 21 year old film maker, weapon prop designer and actor


"I first moved into 1588 in the summer of 2018. I moved out in January of 2021. I can honestly say that living here was probably the best experience possible for a first apartment out of college. I took the larger room towards the back that was substantially larger than any room I could have hoped for. The house itself is great. Everything is very large and open, common space included. The rent is, in my humble opinion, the best deal in town, as it includes your monthly rent, water, electricity, gas, trash, and a weekly cleaning service. I like to tell people that I actually looked at moving after my first year and couldn't find a better deal.The neighborhood was always fine and I loved the location due to its accessibility to the rest of Los Angeles. I didn't have a car and could get pretty much anywhere in the greater LA Area using either the busses on Western or the Expo line, both of which were less than a 10 minute walk away. Jan is a kind, helpful, polite, and overall excellent landlord. Any and all issues I had during my time at his property was resolved quickly and with the intent of preventing any such issues in the future. He was always fair and friendly in every way, and lives only a few streets over from 1588. He's almost always available if you need help of any kind. He was even kind enough to lend me tools while I lived there so I could work on projects in my free time. If you're looking for a laid back, well-priced living situation in Los Angeles, I personally don't think you can do better!"

Trent, 25 year old graduate student in Social Work from Maryland 

"The new house was great! It was very convenient being close to the USC campus. It even allowed me to go home in between classes. Parking was very convenient. Street parking was also very convenient and available throughout the day. I never had difficulty in finding parking if for some reason I decided not to park in the provided parking space. The neighborhood was fairly quiet and very safe. Jan is amazing! He is very responsive and very understanding!"

Colin, 25, student at USC's School of Architecture

"I moved to Los Angeles to attend graduate school at the USC school of architecture. I moved into Jan's house having never been to Los Angeles or knowing anyone in the city. Studio House at 1454 was an incredible place to live during my time in graduate school. I made lifelong friends with people I never otherwise would have met. A testament to Jan's ability to bring likeminded strangers together and create a strong sense of community in the house. Jan's flexibility, understanding and easy going attitude made living in the house easy, through pandemics, shut downs, remote school and work and unemployment. Living at the house fostered my sense of creativity providing inspiration for furniture designs, architecture studio work, and music; adventure by strengthening my love for surfing/skiing/backpacking; as well as providing a space for implementation like building furniture and models and throwing a house show. I will always look back at my time in Studio house fondly and reminisce about sharing a space with, who are now, some of my closest friends."

Stanley, 18, Film and Media student at UC Berkeley

"I’ve had a great experience living here at the house over the summer. As someone who loves cooking, I really appreciated the provided utilities and cleanliness of the kitchen. Never had any problems with wifi, AC, washing machines, etc. Jan is very patient and understanding, definitely helped me feel very comfortable. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first time living in LA."

Miles, 25, Astronautical Engineering student at USC

"Jan is by far the most reasonable and accommodating landlord I've ever met. The house is well-kept, and the tenants are friendly and responsible people. I've enjoyed living here for the past few months."

Carmine, 23,  international student from Italy and graffiti artist

"A good house with nice roommates, a landlord musician/surfer, a beautiful garden in the backyard...this place has been the best start for my Californian experience, perfect for work, parties and chillin' on sunny days. The international and creative atmosphere between surfboards and paintings was cool and I've never seen a landlord so helpful and interested to music and art. I recommend this place to all the creative and open mind people, and to anyone wants a nice house near the USC. "



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